River Families

Been there, done that!

Esther Kokmeijer

In her work as an artist, explorer and designer, Esther mainly focuses on the interaction between humans and their natural environment. In many of her works the ‘Global Commons’ play a role. A term typically used to describe international, supranational, and global resource domains. Global commons include the Earth’s shared natural resources, such as the high oceans, the atmosphere and outer space and the Antarctic in particular. For many of Esther’s works she collaborates with scientists and other professionals from different backgrounds and she’s interested in how art and science can reinforce each other. With these cross-disciplinary collaborative projects Esther intends to open up alternative routes.
Esther is also part of the group IPIHAN (If Paradise Is Half As Nice), a self-initiated art project focused on making art in abandoned buildings. It is aimed at leaving the comfort of the studio to experiment with new ways to conceive concepts, works of art, and ultimately an exhibition.


Water is our source of life. Just as much as it flows through our bodies, it flows through our landscapes, shaping our very existence on this planet. How can we as humans work with water as an equal partner? Together with artist Esther Kokmeijer we’ll dive into new meanings of water, how to collectively work with the river Nederrijn/Lower Rhine and how to collaborate with nature in doing so? How can we research different perspectives on water, how can we understand, listen and make with water?
In 5 mornings we’ll spend time walking along/on the river to do research and to collaboratively come up with – and share – new insights and concepts.
For these thursdays Esther will invite a variety of experts to elaborate on different aspects of the Nederrijn (“Lower Rhine”). These 5 mornings will contribute to a shared experience. Whether it be on a boat, or close to the river, we will focus on what happens when you look & listen together at the Nederrijn from real close.

Set up

5 Thursdaymornings 10.00-13.00
Students will receive a logbook in witch they will write, draw and collect data, thoughts and images of the river.
The first 3 mornings will be outside and you will meet up with various experts that will help you do embodied research. Together you will present a collective experience for and with the river Rhine.
This workshop is open to all students of ArtEZ Art& Design Arnhem.